Willis-Knighton surgeon performs 3,000th robotic surgery

Willis-Knighton surgeon performs 3,000th robotic surgery
Daryl Marx, MD, is shown with Willis-Knighton Medical Center surgery staffers Heather Clark (left) and Gary Smith. (Source: Willis-Knighton Health System)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A Shreveport doctor marked a milestone after he completed his 3,000 bariatric and robotic based surgery.

Daryl Marx, MD, who specializes in general, bariatric, and robotic-assisted surgery, practices at Willis-Knighton Minimally Invasive Surgery Center. He’s been using the da Vinci Robotic Surgery technology since 2012.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help improve the health of my patients,” Marx said, in a news release.

Marx averages 10 to 15 robotic surgeries each week. He also trains and proctors other surgeons using medical robotic technology.

The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures “with a degree of precision, control and dexterity that traditional surgery cannot match,” according to a news release.

What benefits a patient from having a robotic surgery using technology like da Vinci, is factors such as less pain, smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, reduced risk of infection and faster recovery times.

“It’s my dream to see patients have a surgical intervention with little to no impact on their daily lives,” Marx added. “Robotic surgery helps me attain my dream.”

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