Lake Charles attorney receives statewide honor for adoption work

The Department of Family and Children's services held a virtual event to recognize those...
The Department of Family and Children's services held a virtual event to recognize those recognized for adoption this year(Carla Chrisco)
Updated: Dec. 21, 2020 at 6:58 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -The State Department of Children and Family services and Louisiana’s First Lady recently celebrated the adoption of more than 750 children from foster care this year. And they also honored those who helped make the adoptions happen.

Attorney Carla Chrisco of Lake Charles has been named individual partner of the year for her role in helping families finalize adoptions and smoothly and quickly as possible.

For years Chrisco has handled adoptions in Southwest Louisiana.

It’s work she does because she finds it most satisfying of all the different types attorney’s do.

When foster children are adopted it means they have found their forever family and to them that means everything as adoption attorney Carla chrisco well knows.

“You look at kids that age out of foster care and they’re basically alone and that is so sad, where these kids, they never age out of their family, we all know that. And it makes such a difference in how they think of themselves and how they think of other people,” said Chrisco.

Chrisco is described as one whose passion always shines through in her work to finalize adoptions. She’s known for meeting families at all hours to accommodate families ‘schedules.

“These people give up a lot, taking in these children. And for them to have to take off work, to lose the hours to have to come in and see me, that means something to people. It means something to their budget. And so, if I can accommodate them, why not, you know?”said Chrisco.

Though Carla is receiving an award for her work, she says the dedicated state workers and the families who open their hearts and homes to adopt children deserve the credit.

“You get to deal with that standard of person, which is really a good, if you’re going to spend your life, you can’t ask for better than to spend it around people like that. And then you’re dealing with families who a lot of time already have families of their own, but they’re willing to take in these kids and give them a home forever,” she said.

“I have clients who lost everything in the hurricane, and their adopted kids are right there in the little campers with them and they would never think of going back on anything. It’s remarkable, they are just great people and especially the ones who adopt special needs children,” said Chrisco.

Adoption workers praise her for being quick to help resolve any issues that arise, only a text or phone call away. Those who gave the award said Chrisco is known for her hard work, professionalism, knowledge and experience. Though Chrisco is an attorney by profession, some foster and adoptive families call her a legend.

Chrisco encourages families who want a child to consider adopting one in the foster care system.

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