Documentary to feature Shreveport on LPB tonight

Local men bring light to Civil Rights Movement

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Thursday night several buildings of significance in Shreveport will be featured on public television in a documentary.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting channel will feature “Unexpected Modernism”, a documentary that shows the architectural works of Sam and William Wiener. The brothers are responsible for dozens of commercial buildings, residential homes and schools in Caddo Parish.

You might recognize some of their work such as the Fairfield Building, the Municipal Auditorium, or Woodlawn High School.

Gregory Kallenberg helped write and direct the documentary, which took four years of dedication to put together.

“The idea that the Wiener Bros., two Jewish guys in northwest Louisiana, traveled to Europe and brought modernism to the United States is special enough as it is,” said Kallenberg. “But when you look at the critical mass of buildings, the amount of structures that are in Shreveport that are modernist buildings, these gentlemen really did put an imprint on the city that is unmatched across the United States.

Kallenberg said being able to watch the film across the entire state on the LPB channel allows Shreveport to be in the spotlight.

“This is a chance to ultimately bring the people of the world who are intensely interested in architecture like this back to our city. Our city has something that we should be very, very proud of.”

You can watch the documentary “Unexpected Modernism” Thursday night at 7 p.m.

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