Several Evangel Christian Academy football players “released” from high school

Some Evangel football players accused of bullying; parents of 3 of the expelled students react

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Evangel Christian Academy “released” several football players on Wednesday due to bullying accusations.

The parents of three of these students told KSLA News 12 an incident happened at a Baton Rouge hotel on Thanksgiving, the night before the team played against University Lab. However, they say their kids all deny any involvement.

One of the parents, who asked not to be named, sent an emailed statement to the school principal, Stacie Rathbun.

The parent said receptionists at the school told her “the decision has already been made.”

The parent, however, said her son, and other students, never got the chance to tell their side of the story before the school took disciplinary action.

“I am terribly bothered by the fact my son is being removed from a school that we believed and invested tons of money and time in based on hearsay,” she wrote in the email.

In an emailed statement to KSLA, Rathbun said:

“We released students today that we love, but they crossed the Evangel line with their behavior. We have a strict policy when it comes to bullying. I’m sure that seems harsh to the parents of the disciplined students, I understand that, but it’s the Evangel way. We do not want any student here to feel uncomfortable in their space because of intimidation by another student.”

One of the parents says they have scheduled an appointment to talk with the principal on Thursday.

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