Marshall to begin long-anticipated downtown redevelopment project

Downtown development to start soon in Marshall

MARSHALL, Tx. (KSLA) - Anybody who has spent even just minutes in downtown Marshall knows just how much charm this quintessential, ‘All-American’ main street packs.

Beginning on December 28, residents will notice the start of a long-anticipated downtown redevelopment project on the 200 block of North Washington Street. Mark Rohr, city manager for Marshall, is confident this project will only enhance the historic aesthetic of the downtown district.

“We have a lot of strengths in Marshall, one of them being downtown and the integrity of the buildings and the architecture,” Rohr said. “This is going to create streetscaping, which we hope leads to improvement of the buildings themselves.”

Currently, parts of the 200 block of North Washington are in disrepair. Some tree roots are growing over streetlights, posing a hazard to drivers, and are also growing through brick walkways. Street poles also do not meet the safety code.

In fact, according to the City, this block is not compliant with the American Disabilities Act, or ADA.

Downtown redevelopment in Marshall

“During this redevelopment, residents will have access to every business on the block,” said Rohr, quoted in a news release. “While we know there may be inconveniences, the City of Marshall is grateful for the support of building owners and merchants...”

The project, which Rohr is confident will take no more than four months to complete, will lead to the removal of some of these overgrown trees, street lights, green benches and brick pavers.

“To be honest with you, I might be more excited than anyone else,” Rohr added. “I know how impactful it can be, I think it’s going to be a significant step forward for Marshall.”

Once finished, residents and visitors will enjoy concrete pavement with three-foot red brick pavers, new black benches, matching street poles and eight Redbud Merlot trees with root blockers.

Perhaps most importantly, the street will meet ADA compliance.

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