Hormel and Brookshire’s donate $100k in protein to food banks

Hormel and Brookeshire's donation

(KSLA) - Hormel Foods Corporation and Brookshire Grocery Co. partnered to donate more than $100,000 in pork loins and peanut butter to food banks as a part of the Hormel Cure 81 Hams for Hunger program to help provide food for families in need this holiday season.

“Our company is committed to supporting hunger relief in the communities we serve, and we are so grateful to have this partnership with Hormel Foods to help make a difference,” said Brad Brookshire, Chairman and CEO for Brookshire Grocery Co. “We care about our communities and are committed to doing what we can to lessen the impact of COVID-19 and slow the spread. We know people are in need this holiday season and that the food banks are seeing increased demand for resources in all of the communities we serve.”

The donations benefit food banks in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, including the Foodbank of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport.

“This generous donation to the Foodbank of Northwest Louisiana comes at a time when we are struggling to meet the need during the challenge of a health pandemic, an all-time high in unemployment, and on the heels of a hurricane. All of these events are causing record-breaking food distributions for our food bank,” said Martha Marak, executive director of the Foodbank of Northwest Louisiana.

The Hormel Cure 81 Hams for Hunger program was created in 1989. Over the years the program has donated more than $15 million dollars worth of hams.

Hormel's Hams for Hunger.
Hormel's Hams for Hunger. (Source: Hormel)

The program is a partnership between Hormel Foods and grocery retailers across the country benefitting tens of thousands of families.

“Hormel Foods is proud to partner with Brookshire Grocery Company to support hunger-relief efforts in the communities served by the company’s stores,” said Kelsey Tynan, Hormel Cure 81 brand manager at Hormel Foods. “The Hormel Cure 81 Hams for Hunger program highlights our long-standing relationship with Brookshire Grocery Company, and we are honored to work together and make such a substantial contribution for those in need.”

The Hormel Cure 81 Hams for Hunger program will donate over 55,000 hams this holiday season.

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