Three ways to save and safely see family this Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov. 19, 2020 at 12:26 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - We’re officially one week from Thanksgiving.

Many are still deciding how to spend time with your family while sticking to social distancing to stay healthy this holiday — and that likely means we’re having to make big sacrifices.

Right now the CDC recommends against gathering with people other than those living in your own home. While that’s not good for family time, it could be good for your wallet.

Getting together with fewer people this holiday could save you money. Let’s start with saving on your turkey dinner:

  • Small turkeys: Turkey farmers predicted family dinner would be smaller this year. They started producing smaller turkeys which mean less food to waste and less money to spend. Look for smaller turkeys in your grocery freezer or meat section and it could save you $10-$20.
  • Cut your recipes in half: If you’re expecting fewer guests instead of doubling the green bean casserole recipe cut it in half and only buy what you need. If you do decide to follow the regular ingredients, have some freezer bags or tubs ready and freeze it to eat later so it doesn’t go bad.
  • Free Zoom: A big one for families this year, we all want to see our family even if we’re not going to be with them for the holiday. Zoom announced it would do away with its 40-minute time limit for a free video chat on Thanksgiving. Typically the company charges about $15 a month for unlimited video calls. Now you can prop the computer up, or your phone, and sit down at the dinner table with your family miles away to share a meal in different homes.

The free zoom calls last from midnight on Thanksgiving until the end of the day.

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