Canton woman survives scary crash with 18-wheeler

Canton woman survives scary crash with 18-wheeler
WEBXTRA: Woman survives frightening crash

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Authorities are calling an East Texas woman the luckiest person on the planet, after surviving a horrific crash.

On Monday, Jessica Mckinley of Canton was driving on I-20 in Smith county, when she got into a crash that put her car underneath a moving 18-wheeler.

“I had to swerve over to miss it. I did fishtail. So at that point I either had to go left or right. I decided to go right, at that point I was beside the 18-wheeler,” she says.

Mckinley realized a collision was imminent, and made a split second decision.

“Either hit the wall because it was going to be the left hand lane the fast lane, so everybody would hit me, or go right, so when I went right I ended up going under the 18 wheeler,” Jessica says.

She says the next few seconds seemed like a lifetime.

Jessical McKinley escaped the wreck
Jessical McKinley escaped the wreck (Source: Jessica McKinley)

“I rolled a couple of times, and then ended up on the side, then the 18-wheelers tires went over my car. I didn’t know where I was going to end up. It took forever. It was a long wreck,” McKinley says.

Talking to the truck driver, she got an eerie play by play.

“Because he looked in his rearview mirror and all he could see was me spinning under his trailer,” she says.

She was hospitalized but had no injuries other than whiplash.

Back at work at Canton Marketplace, Jessica can only think it was providential intervention.

“Even DPS says they’ve seen wrecks way less worse, and people die from it. God was definitely there,” says Jessica.

McKinley says she was checked for a mild concussion, but is doing fine today.

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