Beautiful weather for now but rain is expected next week

Beautiful weather for now but rain is expected next week
Some rain will be possible early next week

(KSLA) - This stretch of great weather is about to come to an end, sadly. We will have the clouds increase and the rain return by next week. Temperatures will at least be cooler though!

Overnight, it will be chilly again, but not quite as cold as the last few night. It will cool down to the lower to mid 40s. Maybe only a select few spots will get down to the upper 30s, but not many. It will be quiet otherwise with no clouds and no rain.

Thursday will be another great day too! In fact, this could be the last great day before things start to change. So, try to get out and take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy the warm temperatures. There will not be any rain with temperatures warming up to the mid 70s.

Friday will bring some changes with the clouds on the increase. There will still be sunshine mixing its way in, so it will not be a completely cloudy day. Temperatures will still be warm and increase to the mid 70s. Good news is that it will remain dry with no rain.

Saturday will have a few more clouds around. Some sunshine is still likely though. It will stay dry as the rain is still nowhere to be found. Temperatures will remain warm and heat up to the mid 70s. This might be our warmest day of the week.

Sunday will have more clouds and limited sunshine. A cold front will be getting ready to move in later in the evening. There will be some rain later in the day, starting near the I-30 corridor. Through most of the day, it will stay dry though. Temperatures will increase to the lower to mid 70s despite the lack of sunshine.

That rain should be more likely north of I-20, and will be coming to an end as we approach sunrise Monday. I think by the time we start the day, it will all be gone. So you may not need your umbrella. You will need a jacket though as temperatures will only heat up to the lower 60s.

In the tropics, Iota is nothing more than just remnants now. The rain is finally coming to an end in Central America. There is an area in the Caribbean with a 10% chance of development. This is decreasing from earlier in the week, so this is good news. Another area in the Atlantic has popped up and has a 20% chance to develop. Even if anything does, it will move east away from the United States.

Have a great rest of the week!

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