SRAC’S ‘Christmas in the Sky’ returns as ‘Club 365’

'Christmas in the Sky' returns as 'Club 365' 6

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Every two years, the Shreveport-Bossier community gathers for Christmas in the Sky, an elegant and exuberant gala filled with spectacular themes, lively entertainment and magnificent auction items.

The gala is the largest fundraiser for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, commonly referred to as SRAC.

But, like seemingly every other aspect of society in 2020, COVID-19 is forcing organizers to cancels this year’s gala — out of concerns for public health.

Now, welcome to Club 365. The concept is simple: once registered as members of SRAC, Club 365 members have 10 chances of winning over 600 prizes — with all of the funds going right to SRAC.

“Just because we can’t have Christmas in the Sky, doesn’t mean we can’t fundraise the money we need to produce the incredible programming that we produce every year here at the Arts Council,” said Heidi Kallenberg. “I have spent a lot time during the pandemic thinking where the city would be without the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, it would be grim.”

According to ‘Club 365’ organizers, each prize is worth at a minimum of $365.

Prizes include “extravagant trips, staycations, jewelry, celebrity chef dinner parties, fine wines and spirits, collectibles, original works of art from more than 50 area artists, and more.”

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Members can also purchase additional tickets for $25 to increase the odds of winning a prize they desire. Prizes will be drawn daily beginning December 12, 2020, and lasting until December 11, 2021.

“Instead of one night gala, we are doing something every single day for a year, and that’s how we’re pivoting,” Kallenberg added. “It’s an incredible opportunity to celebrate the community by supporting the arts and also to have the hope of winning a really awesome prize.”

Those wanting to become members of SRAC can pay a one-time fee of $365, or a monthly payment of $36.50 for ten months. Click here to become a member.

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