Dr. McKinney releases statement, maintains innocence

Dr. McKinney releases statement, maintains innocence
Shane McKinney, 54, (Source: Baton Rouge Police Department)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge emergency room doctor, arrested in connection with an incident near LSU, says he is innocent.

His attorney is asking anyone with surveillance cameras in that area to come forward.

Dr. Shane McKinney was charged with simple battery and booked into the East Baton Rouge parish prison Wednesday night.

A female member of the Southern University track team says she was near a lake on Dalrymple Drive Monday evening when she alleges that McKinney pushed her out of his way and shouted a racial slur at her.

His attorney issued the following statement on Dr. McKinney’s behalf:

Dr. Shane McKinney is innocent. Allegations that he threw a punch and made a racially offensive comment are not true and not supported by police action.

He was not arrested for any type of hate crime because the evidence does not support it. And the misdemeanor simple battery is based upon his elbow contacting the accuser’s bicep or shoulder as he jogged past her on the narrow sidewalk. A simple battery requires the “intentional use of force or violence.” There was none. The contact was unintentional.

Dr. McKinney’s life and career has been devoted to helping and healing those in need during the most vulnerable times of their lives. He left a career managing people for a major corporation to attend medical school and residency to help people in his and our community. He is a healer and not a harmer. He is sorry for any of his actions that contributed to this circumstance. He has no ill will towards anyone and looks forward to the legal system running its course and for the truth to be fully unveiled.

If anyone in the area has any video from a cell phone or from a home or business surveillance camera, we ask that they please provide this video to law enforcement so the true and accurate account of this incident can be seen.

McKinney works at OLOL Children’s Hospital. The hospital says it has placed him on leave pending an internal investigation.

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