Elections 2020: Key states could move to recount votes

Some delegate counts now put Joe Biden just six delegates away from winning

Elections 2020: Key states could move to recount votes
There are other things that can slow election results, like if one candidate wants a recount. (Source: WALB)

(CBS News/AP) — A day after the election, the nation still is watching and waiting.

The fate of the presidency hangs in the balance.

Some delegate counts put Biden just six delegates away from winning.

CBS News has declared the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin for Biden.

But President Donald Trump still is leading in the vote in Pennsylvania, where only about 80% of the vote is in.

And in all the nationwide madness surrounding this election and the counting of ballots, it would be easy to overlook a rather amazing fact given the history.

Florida isn’t part of the chaos.

It is the state:

  • made infamous by the 2000 recount fiasco,
  • that had a contentious recount for governor and Senate two years ago marred by equipment failure in a major county, and,
  • that regularly had counties take days to get anywhere near a 100% vote count.

But the Panhandle State ran a near-perfect election Tuesday.

The table below shows the rules and the deadlines for vote recounts in several tightly contested states in the 2020 presidential race.