Jefferson Parish officials bring power to polling places

Jefferson Parish officials bring power to polling places
generators brought to polling places (Source: rob masson)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish officials are determined to prevent power interruptions from interfering with tomorrow’s presidential and local election. They are dispatching generators to around 20 locations that are still without power.

Thousands of Jefferson Parish homes are still without power and polling places are no exception. Because of that, unusual measures are being taken to ensure a smooth election on both sides of the river.

Jefferson Parish firefighters were testing out emergency generators brought in by the department of homeland security to help make sure polling places on both the east and west banks operate seamlessly for tomorrow’s big election.

“Currently we have 20 without power that we’re prepared to bring back up generators to but that could be a moving target,” said Jefferson Parish president Cynthia Lee Sheng.

A moving target because power is being restored across most of the parish with 90 percent of East Bank residents expected to have full power by tonight 70 percent on the Westbank.

“They had more damage on the Westbank and access was more difficult,” said Sheng.

In spite of numerous hurricane threats, parish voters have set an early voting record with nearly 25 percent already casting ballots with those numbers expected to rise dramatically on election day.

“In my 41 years this is the first time we’ve had a hunker down to help the election process,” said Brian Adams, with the Jefferson Parish Fire Department.

Parish firefighters will help operate two generators and special lights that are being sent to 20 polling locations that are still without power on both sides of the river.

“We will have some stationed as a firewatch to watch the generators to make sure they stay running and not have any fire hazards,” said Adams.

Jefferson Parish clerk of Court Jon Geggenheimer says if you planned on sending in a mail in ballot it’s too late. They were due at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. The military has until Noon tomorrow.

Jefferson Parish officials say all 143 parish polling locations will be open tomorrow, even though some will be on generator power.

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