Dry and cool weather expected for several days

Dry and cool weather expected for several days
Great weekend ahead

(KSLA) -For the next several days, the morning temperatures will be chilly with nice comfortable afternoons. There will not be any rain despite a few passing clouds every now and then.

Tonight, it will get cold again. The clouds will be the key here. If we start to see some cloud cover, we may not cool quite as much, and it will prevent any frost. If the clouds stay away, it will be cooler and frost will be possible. I am forecasting temperatures to start off in the lower to mid 40s. So, it will still be a bit chilly.

Saturday and Sunday may have a couple passing clouds, but no rain. The sun will still be out shining so it will be a beautiful weekend! If you are doing anything for Halloween on Saturday, you should be good to go! During the evening, temperatures will be dropping down to the 50s so you may need to bundle up for any trick-or-treating. It will be so cool, you may feel a few chills down your spine! Sunday will be a little warmer, reaching the upper 60s.

There is another cold front passing through early on Sunday. This will be responsible for some of the clouds, but there should not be any rain. So, we will stay dry if you have any outdoor plans. This cold front will drop temperatures again for Monday.

After the cold front passes Sunday, temperatures will be dropping back down. Temperatures Monday will be starting off in the upper 30s and lower 40s. There could be some frost in a few spots! Then by the afternoon, it will warm up to the upper 50s and lower 60s. I expect a lot of sunshine with no chance of rain, so it will be a nice day!

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be very nice. There will not be any shower activity. However, there will be a few more clouds hanging around. Still plenty of sunshine though. Temperatures will be a little warmer and get back to the lower to mid 60s. By Wednesday, it should warm back up to the lower 70s.

We are watching yet another area in the Caribbean for development. This has a 70% chance to develop into a tropical depression or storm in the next 2 days, and an 80% chance within the next 5 days. Early indications show that whatever does develop will move west into Central America and not north toward the Gulf of Mexico. If anything changes, we will give you your First Alert when that happens. Eta will be the next named storm.

Have a great weekend and a happy Halloween!

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