FACT CHECK: President Trump claims you can change your vote, but does that hold up in the ArkLaTex?

Hint: Your vote will only be counted once.
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Updated: Oct. 28, 2020 at 7:16 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - President Donald Trump posted a tweet on Tuesday, saying people can change their votes.

However, that depends on where people are casting their votes. For the four states in the ArkLaTex, his tweet is not accurate.

“Once you have cast your vote, that is it,” said Candice Battiste, the north Louisiana organizer for the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice.

Technically, people can change their minds, but your vote will not be counted twice.

In Louisiana, if a person sends in their mail-in ballot but still proceeds to vote in-person, the state will only count whichever (mail-in or in-person) is received first. Therefore, voters could potentially change their minds if they go in-person before the election office receives their mail-in ballot. However, if the mail-in ballot arrives before the person physically goes to the polls, they will not be allowed to vote in-person.

Arkansas voters have 10 minutes to electronically vote when they go in-person. During that time-frame, people have the ability to print their “completed” ballots up to three times, thus, giving them the chance to change their vote before it is officially counted. This only applies during early voting.

In Texas and Oklahoma, once you’ve cast your ballot the first time, that is how your vote will counted, according to their election offices.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and New York voters can return multiple ballots, though most other states require that voters make their final decisions before turning anything in.

Trump also said the most-searched phrase on Google following the final presidential election was “can I change my vote?”

However Google Trends shows the phrase did not start trending until the president made that tweet, five days after the debate.

“There just isn’t any issue that we’ve come across with people asking can they go back and change their vote,” Battiste said.

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