Cloudy, dreary start to the week with a sunny finish

Cloudy, dreary start to the week with a sunny finish
Temperatures will warm up to the 60s this week

(KSLA) - The first half of this week will have a lot of clouds and rain with little amounts of sunshine. By the end of the week though, we take a complete turnaround and get all sunshine with no rain!

This morning is off to a cloudy start. There is also some mist or light rain in a few spots. You may need that umbrella as you head out the door this morning. We are also dealing with some fog in a couple places too. So, take you time on the roads and use your low-beam headlights.

By this afternoon, the fog will be gone, but the clouds will still be around. So, you do not need your sunglasses today. There may be a couple showers this afternoon. A better chance lies near the I-30 corridor. I only have those rain chances up to 20% for the day, so it will not be a washout. Temperatures today will be chilly. Near the I-30 corridor, it will warm up to the mid 50s. Along I-20, temperatures will reach the lower to mid 60s, and near Natchitoches will get up to the mid 70s. So, depending on where you live, you may need your jacket all day!

Tuesday will be another cloudy day with limited sunshine. At times we may see some more peeks than others, so it may still be nice at times. I have those train chances at 20% again. Overall, it will not be a very pretty day, but still not a bad day. Temperatures will reach the lower to mid 60s.

Wednesday will be the wettest day of the week. I have the rain chances all the way up to 70%. You will certainly need your umbrella on this day. Showers will be scattered throughout the day and will be heavy at times. Temperatures should be a little warmer with some southerly wind flow. It might get up to the lower 70s, but otherwise will stay in the 60s.

Good news is that by early Thursday morning, a cold front passes through to push all the rain away from us. So, the clouds will be clearing and the sunshine will return again! This will be a very nice day with no rain chances and limited clouds. Temperatures will stay in the mid 60s, so it will still be cool.

Friday will also be very nice. Look for a lot of sunshine and no rain. The humidity will be nice a low so it will feel like Fall for sure! Temperatures will remain in the mid 60s in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday should have a couple passing clouds, but no significant rain chance. The sun will still be out shining so it will be a beautiful weekend! If you are doing anything for Halloween on Saturday, you should be good to go! During the evening, temperatures will be dropping down to the 50s so you may need to bundle up for any trick-or-treating. Sunday will be a little warmer, reaching the upper 60s.

We are watching tropical storm Zeta in the Caribbean. This will become a hurricane likely later today. It should enter the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow morning. As it does so, it should not strengthen much. The good news is that with the cold front passing through in the middle of the week, this will steer the storm to the east away from the ArkLaTex. So, we should not have to worry about any impacts here at home.

Have a great day and an even better week!

First Alert Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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