COVID-19 forces more high school football game cancellations

COVID cancels more football games

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) - COVID-19 has struck again, causing more cancellations of high school football games locally.

In Bossier City, Airline High School’s football team had to cancel their next two games following the positive COVID-19 test of a staff member.

That means Friday’s game against Haughton has been cancelled, along with the game next Friday against Parkway High School.

News of the cancellations spread quickly among students, including senior Kendall Kervin.

“They’re pretty upset about it. But everyone’s saying, 'we knew it was going to happen, blah, blah. But, we’re still doing like dressing up and all that just so we can have a little bit of something,” said Kervin.

This is just the latest example of cancelled games from the novel coronavirus.

Bossier High School returns to the field on Friday, ending two weeks of quarantine after one of their players tested positive.

Head coach, Michael Concilio, offered some advice to Airline High School students and staff:

“The biggest thing of this is just trying to keep your kids upbeat to where they want to keep participating in football. Don’t let them walk away. Yeah, yeah, you don’t want them walking away from it," started Concilio. "I mean, you don’t want to be in fear of the idea of walking away from this thing and being scared to come back and return to it.”

Coach Concilio adds that a persistent challenge is just reminding players they still have a season left.

“We had 10 before this all happened. We were down to 8 and now we’re down to 6. And the biggest thing is making them understand that there’s, there’s, they still have a season. And, you know, that’s something they can practice for or play for, and be hopeful each day that they come to school,” said Concilio.

Once flu season kicks in, and the third spike of the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, a big challenge then becomes how to tell the difference between a case of the flu versus COVID-19.

That’s why schools are working so closely with the state health department to make decisions on what to do in each situation.

As for how decisions like game cancellations are made, nothing happens in a vacuum. Instead, Bossier High School principal David Thrash says there’s a detailed process that has to be followed.

“When the doctor sends to us, to the school, when they realize it’s a school-aged kid, we turn it over to our school nurse, who in turn in Region 7, Martha Whyte and we follow the protocol from there," said Thrash.

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