Century-old city charter up for possible changes in Marshall

The East Texas city’s governing document has been in place since 1909

Marshall voters face 3-page ballot, including changes to charter that still lets police ride its trolleys for free

MARSHALL, Texas. (KSLA) - For more than 100 years, City of Marshall officials have conducted business the same way: following the rules put forth in the city charter.

However, this election season, voters have the power to keep things the way they are or adjust the city charter.

“Of all the wonderful things about Marshall, there are also some not-so wonderful things that still need to change,” Harrison County citizen Wanda Daily said.

She said she grew up in Marshall, and even though she has moved just outside city limits, she said she still thinks it is important the city make adjustments to the city charter.

On the ballot, voters can decide whether to pass the 16 propositions that suggest modifications to the city charter. If all propositions are passed, the 94-page document would be reduced down to 18 pages.

Communications coordinator Stormy Nickerson said seven of the propositions simply suggest following Texas law. Other propositions would potentially give voters more input in future city changes and transition the city from the city commission to city council.

“If the Texas legislature, or any of our representatives, were to change state law, then our charter would change, as well, to follow what our representatives and senators would change the law to,” Nickerson said.

Kenneth Cooks, another voter, said the city charter is extremely outdated.

“The city charter was antiquated, and it made it difficult to make decisions sometimes,” he said. “It had to be updated.”


  • Early voting ends Oct. 30 in Texas.
  • Election day is Nov. 3.
Marshall, Texas, voters face 16 propositions, most of which would change the 1909 city charter

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