Supporters hold parade for President Trump in Longview

Political support vehicle parade winds through Longview

Supporters hold parade for President Trump in Longview
Trump parade winds through streets of Longview (Source: Bob Hallmark/KLTV)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A group of East Texans showed their support for President Donald Trump Saturday with a vehicle parade in Longview that stretched over a mile.

Winding from Eastman Road to Loop 281 and then over to Highway 80, the collection of cars, trucks, and motorcycles looped around the Longview.

For participants, it wasn’t just a parade, but a way to express their political opinion.

“Everybody should have the right to their own opinion. And even though you don’t agree with mine, I have to respect your opinion,” said supporter Rex Morgan.

“We’re loving people through this and saying we actually care, that’s what this is all about," said supporter Ermine Schufeldt. “We love our president. We care about people.”

A large number of veterans participated in the effort. It’s estimated that over 300 cars, trucks, and motorcycles took part in the parade.

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