GRAPHIC: Affidavit details what police believe happened to slain pregnant woman, unborn baby taken from her

Texas formally files charges against suspect, who remains in jail under bonds totaling $5 million
Oklahoma authorities arrested 27-year-old Taylor Rene Parker (right), of Simms, Texas, on Oct....
Oklahoma authorities arrested 27-year-old Taylor Rene Parker (right), of Simms, Texas, on Oct. 9. She was extradited to Texas (middle) then booked into Bi-State Detention Center (left) in Bowie County, Texas, on Oct. 14.(Bowie County Sheriff's Office, KSLA News 12 and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation)
Updated: Oct. 15, 2020 at 11:33 PM CDT
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BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KSLA) — Bonds total $5 million for the woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and stealing her unborn child, leading to the baby’s death as well.

The bonds were set when 27-year-old Taylor Rene Parker, of Simms, Texas, appeared in 202nd District Court in Bowie County, Texas, for the first time Thursday.

Texas authorities now have her formally charged with one count each of:

  • capital murder by terror/other felony, $2.5 million bond;
  • murder, $1.5 million bond; and,
  • kidnapping, $1 million bond

Parker remains in custody in the Bi-State Detention Center, jail records show.

The probable cause affidavit for her arrest includes disturbing details about the deaths of 21-year-old Reagan Michelle Simmons and her daughter Braxlynn Sage, who was due to be born in November.

The legal document outlines what investigators believe happened to Simmons, who was eight months pregnant, and her unborn child Oct. 9 at their home in New Boston, Texas.

It says Parker “... was in a physical altercation with Reagan Simmons and abducted the unborn child. Parker admitted to leaving the residence of the assault after the abduction of the child.”

And an Oklahoma trooper says Parker later was found performing CPR on the child. Lifenet EMS took Parker and the child to a hospital in Idabel, Okla.

Investigators spoke with Parker’s boyfriend.

“Parker’s boyfriend informed me that Parker told him and others she was pregnant. He told me Parker was supposed to go to the hospital in Idabel and pre-register for labor to be induced for the birth of their child,” the affidavit states.

“He told me they had a gender reveal party in celebration of the upcoming birth of their child.”

A law officer says, “I interviewed Parker and she told me she was not pregnant and admitted to being in a physical assault with Reagan Michelle Simmons.”

The affidavit also goes into detail about what law officers found when they got to Simmons’s home.

WARNING, some may find the contents of the affidavit below to be unsettling:

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