2 Shreveport councilmen propose new plan to raise public safety workers’ pay

Minor tweaks in police pay raise proposal seem to be having major impact on getting people on board

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - After months of disagreements and discussions, Shreveport Councilmen John Nickelson, of District C, and Grayson Boucher, of District D, proposed a new resolution Tuesday to raise public safety workers’ pay.

District B Councilwoman LeVette Fuller proposed legislation in mid-August. The new resolution is similar to Fuller’s proposal but has changes that make big differences.

The new proposal, Resolution 128, comes after controversy; it now includes the Fire Department and the funding does not depend on all vacant police positions.

The Police Department has 49 fully funded vacancies, which Fuller said could be used to “shift” to salaries.

The new resolution suggests using 33 of those funded positions, as opposed to all 49.

Fuller said giving these pay raises are extremely important to the safety and livability of Shreveport.

“If we don’t have safety, then we can’t have more of an investment in our community,” she said.

Boucher said he and Nickelson had the help of the Shreveport Police Association to create the new proposal.

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