Next cold front arrives Thursday bringing another temperature drop

Next cold front arrives Thursday bringing another temperature drop
Some rain, then a big drop in temperatures

(KSLA) - The weather will be perfect for the rest of today and Wednesday. The next cold front arrives Thursday and will bring some rain, but will drop temperatures again.

Tonight, it will be crystal clear with no rain around. It is the perfect night to go out and look at the stars. In fact, tonight, Mars will be exactly opposite from the sun. So, as the sun sets in the west, Mars will rise in the east. With that said, Mars will appear brighter all night, and all month long. Temperatures overnight will cool to the upper 40s and lower 50s.

Wednesday will be another nice day with plentiful sunshine and no rain. Temperatures will be a little warmer, getting back to the lower 80s. That is about normal for this time of the year anyway.

Thursday is when we are expecting our next cold front. This one will be a strong one too! It will be arriving in the evening. Therefore, throughout the day, the clouds will be on the increase. We should see some rain as the front moves through. It will not be a washout, but plan on there being some scattered showers by the end of the day. Temperatures Thursday will warm up to the lower 80s.

Now, on Friday, it will almost be cold. After the cold front Thursday, it will drop temperatures down quite a bit. Highs on Friday will be in the mid 60s! So, you may need a jacket as you head out the door! The sunshine will be back too, so it will be a pretty day! You will not be able to blame any clouds for keeping the temperature down since the sunshine will be out all day.

Then over this upcoming weekend, the sunshine will stick around with no chance of rain. Temperatures will slowly rebound back to the lower 70s Saturday, then the mid to upper 70s Sunday. It will be a great weekend!

In the tropics, we are watching one area for some development. Here’s some good news though. The chance of it becoming anything more have gone down to 20%. This tropical wave is going to run into unfavorable conditions tonight ripping the storm apart. So, there is no threat to the United States.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

First Alert Meteorologist Grant Roberts

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