Mars at biggest and brightest tonight!

Mars at biggest and brightest tonight!
Mars will appear very bright in the sky for the remainder of October (Source: KSLA)

Look up tonight for the brightest view of the ‘red planet’ we’ll see in several years. Mars will be at ‘opposition’ at around 6pm this evening. At opposition Mars and the sun will be at opposite sides of the Earth’s sky. As the sun sets in the west this evening Mars will be rising in the east.

At opposition Mars will be especially bright. Opposition of Mars happens every 26 months, but what makes this year unique is it’s also the closest it will be to Earth, 38.57 million miles, until September 2035. Mars will even outshine Jupiter which is typically the 4th brightest object in the sky after the sun, moon and planet Venus.

Mars will be easy to spot in the sky. Just look for the bright, reddish looking ‘star’.

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