Shreveport man recovers from coronavirus after seven months in hospital

Man returns home, survives Coronavirus

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - After seven months in the hospital, Troy Parks is now back home with his family,

On March 13, he was admitted to Shreveport’s Willis-Knighton hospital where he later discovered he had the deadly virus. A few days later he was put on a ventilator.

“We were told this was the last time we would see him and that was it,” his daughter Dannisha Jackson says. “This is a miracle that he’s still here.”

After a month long battle on the ventilator, Parks was then moved to the intensive care unit. For the next six months, he fought to survive.

Then Thursday night he received news that it was safe for him to go back home. As he made his way out of the hospital, his doctors and nurses congratulated him on his recovery. He gave them a thumbs up.

An ambulance took him to his house, where his family waited for him. Right in front of the house was a sign saying “You beat COVID."

“This disease is very real and I’m asking everyone to mask up,” Jackson says. “Please follow all protocols and do what you’re supposed to do so this doesn’t happen to you or your family.”

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