American Red Cross says plan for your family ahead of storm

American Red Cross says plan for your family ahead of storm
Forecasters say Hurricane Delta should make landfall in the state sometime Friday and could bring winds of well over 100 miles per hour. (Source: National Hurricane Center)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - By now, families should be preparing for the potential impacts of Hurricane Delta. The American Red Cross of Louisiana says preparation includes having an evacuation plan in place.

The Red Cross says it’s important to know where your family can safely evacuate, whether that be a family or friend’s house, and if you can bring pets.

The group says include children in the evacuation process. That means allowing them to choose what toys or books they would like to bring. It’s also important to explain what’s going on. The group says communicating what’s happening could potentially cut down on stress.

Homeowners should also have at least two ways to receive weather warnings. The Red Cross says that could be through a weather radio, cell phone weather app, or by closely monitoring the weather on tv.

Preparing your home for potential storm winds should also be a priority. The experts recommend removing outdoor decorations and taking down objects that could turn into dangerous flying projectiles. Lawn furniture should be moved to a secure location. It’s also important to make sure drains, ditches and gutters are clear of debris and ready to take on an influx of water.

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