Starting over with recycling in Shreveport

What happens after Shreveport suspends its recycling program?

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - After nine long years of effort, Shreveport’s recycling experiment is coming to a close, at least for now, until a new recycling company can be brought in.

The contract between the city and Republic Services ends on Friday.

Republic Services is the company that picked up the recyclable material, then handed it off to Pratt Industries for disposal. It too will close Friday.

This means the city will also suspend the $2.50 recycling fee, unless or until a new recycler can be found.

Longtime city councilman Willie Bradford, who just retired back in the spring, said the next step is getting the right company to come in and take over the operation.

“Even if we have to put it on a train and send it somewhere to be recycled, that’s an option that I think the mayor needs to pursue because recycling in this day and age I think is essential," said Bradford.

In 2011 when Shreveport’s recycling program got underway, many of the 60,000 households in the city were taking part.

Nine years later, there’s only 13,000 households still recycling.

Word of the stoppage quickly spread to people who never stopped recycling over the years, like Kimberlin Jackson.

“I guess it was something that they wanted to start at first. You know, recycling plastics and everything, on helping save. But a lot of people I really see don’t do it," said Jackson.

With less than 22 percent participation, it is no shock that the city is ending its recycling relationship with Republic Services.

Bradford says whoever takes over recycling for the city of Shreveport should remember that until a new company is brought in, all that garbage will be headed once again to the landfill.

“All of the trash, litter and garbage from the city will be going into the landfill that at its current state only has another 25 year shelf life," said Bradford.

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