Shreveport woman arrested for altering court order

Shreveport woman arrested for altering court order
Stephana Garrett, 29. (Source: CPSO)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - According to Sheriff Steve Prator, a woman has been arrested for altering a court order and presenting it to her children’s school.

Stephana Garrett, 29, was detained at the Caddo Parish Courthouse on Sept. 24 when she appeared for a hearing on a restraining order. She was later arrested and booked into the Caddo Correctional Facility for forgery.

Garrett is accused of submitting an altered temporary restraining order at her children’s school. The School Resource Officer noticed the paperwork appeared suspicious and contacted the Clerk of Court who confirmed that restraining order had actually been denied.

After comparing the order on file with the order Garrett gave to the school, several alterations were apparent. The judge’s initials were forged, as well as an added address, date and stamps.

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