Coach Orgeron shoulders the blame on LSU loss: “Put it on me”

Coach Orgeron shoulders the blame on LSU loss: “Put it on me”
Mississippi St. Bulldogs play against the LSU Tigers during a game in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 26, 2020. (Photo by: Chris Parent / LSU Athletics) (Source: Chris Parent/Chris Parent / LSU Athletics)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WVUE) -KJ Costello absolutely torched the Tiger defense to the tune of 623 yards passing. No doubt, the difference in a State victory over LSU.

“We had some blitzes, and somebody is suppose to take the back out the backfield. They didn’t take him. We had too many missed assignments. We got to look why we had the missed assignments. What’s causing them. Too many guys were running free. Guys were getting beat 1-on-1. We got to go back to looking at if we can cover man-to-man. If we can’t, we got to make a decision to play some zone,” said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.

The defense doesn’t get all of the blame. The offense didn’t hold up their end also. Myles Brennan and the "O" still have a lot to work on.

“Especially the first half. We were dropping balls, we weren’t protecting. Third down, no one looked like they were open. Myles was holding the ball. Hey, no excuses we got to get better. The execution was not there, no question,” said Orgeron.

“Yeah, leadership is going to be crucial from here on out. Just keeping everybody’s head up. This is the first game of many. We got a long journey ahead of us. We’re not going to crumble and quit now. We got a long, long road ahead. So just keeping everybody upbeat. Everyone open to fixing mistakes. That’s going to be the biggest thing this week,” said LSU quarterback Myles Brennan.

A national title run looks almost dead now, but Orgeron isn’t ready to wave thew white flag yet.

“I told them, put it on me. When they win I give them the credit, when they don’t, I take the blame. I got to get better. I got to coach better. I asked everybody to look at themselves in the mirror. See what we’re doing, get better. Let’s stick together as a football team, we got a lot of football left. I still believe we have a good football team. We had a lot of young guys that played for the first time. They got their taste of SEC play. Anytime you play in the SEC there’s going to be great athletes across the ball. We got win our 1-on-1′s, we didn’t do that tonight,” said Orgeron.

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