North Shreveport community divided over future of liquor store

Community divided on future of liquor store

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Rite Way Liquor store is still open, even though the business doesn’t have a liquor license.

Shreveport City Council revoked the store’s license after citing two homicides and numerous police calls within the past two years.

Several people in the community are divided over whether or not the store should remain in operation or close.

“It doesn’t matter where the liquor store goes, it will attract unwanted attention and crime will happen,” Sharee South says. “This man is just trying to feed his family and shouldn’t have his license revoked.”

Others in the community said the previous owner kept people in line and cared about the community.

“The previous owner would come outside and tell people to move on,” Anthony Pillows Sr. says. “This owner doesn’t care about the community.”

The owner declined to comment and said his lawyers were handling his business.

They recently filed an appeal to council’s decision to revoke their liquor license. I reached out to his attorney for comment, and await a return call.

Another issue with the community that people mentioned, was the lack of grocery stores and restaurants. They want more businesses to come to the area to help improve the community.

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