Flash Flood Watch Vs Warning

It’s common we see watches and warnings for Floods, but what is the difference between the two?

Flash Flood Watch Vs Warning
Flash flood watch definition. (Source: source:KSLA.com)

After the recent rain this week due to Tropical Strom Beta, many areas are saturated with the possibility of seeing more rain continue this evening.

With saturated grounds and more rain, flood concerns arise for Sabine and Natchitoches parish who are under a Flash flood watch. A common weather hazard we see issued plenty of times in the ArkLaTex, but have you ever wondered how it differs from a Flash Flood Warning or Flood warning? Here’s the difference explained in the video below:

Flash Flood Watch vs Warning

Remember: it only takes 6inches of rushing water to sweep a person off their feet or stall a car. Be safe and “turn around don’t drown” when you see flooded areas with unknown depths.

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