Heat and humidity about to drop for the ArkLaTex

Heat and humidity about to drop for the ArkLaTex
It will feel comfortable by this weekend

(KSLA) - We will finally get a taste of fall weather here in the ArkLaTex by this weekend. Below average temperatures and much lower humidity are on the way.

Tonight looks partly cloudy and dry for most. Temperatures will be a little warm only dropping into the lower to mid 70s by morning.

Thursday will be the wettest day of the week, but widespread rain is unlikely. The showers in the afternoon will be very isolated, so some areas will get away with no rain at all! Temperatures will still be up in the mid to upper 80s and it will feel like the 90s with the humidity.

The good news is that after Thursday, the weather will be improving! A cold front will be sweeping through the area, and will not affect the as temperatures much. However, it will help drop the humidity by this weekend. So, Friday will still be very warm, but the rain chances will go back down to slim to none. It will be great weather to end this week.

This weekend will be absolutely gorgeous! There will be no chance of rain with lots of sunshine. The temperatures will be in the mid 80s, so it will be warm. But it will have much lower humidity making it feel great! The morning temperatures will be very nice with lows in the lower 60s! This weekend will have the first taste of fall for the ArkLaTex.

In the tropics, Sally has made landfall as a category two hurricane but is now weakening over Alabama. Sally will continue to head off to the northeast and will continue to weaken over the next day or so. A lot of rain is still expected in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The storm should be done with by the end of the week.

Post-tropical cyclone Paulette is hanging on for now, but is moving off to the northern Atlantic and is slowly weakening. Hurricane Teddy is strengthening and moving to the northwest. This should still not be any threat to the United States. Tropical storm Vicky is not expected to last long. It should be gone by the end of the week.

We are also watching an area off the coast of Africa with a high chance of development. This could become Wilfred over the next few days. Also in the southern gulf, there is another area we are monitoring for some more development. This has a high chance to turn into a named system. Good news is that even if it does, early indications show it will go towards Mexico. We will be your First Alert once anything else develops.

Have a great rest of the week!

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