Facebook group plans ‘Trump Parade’ on I-275

Facebook group plans ‘Trump Parade’ on I-275
President Trump supporters host car parade in support of law enforcement (Source: Adam Mintzer)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A group of President Trump supporters is planning a vehicular parade around Interstate-275.

The group, Trump Parade Cincinnati Ohio, plans to ’fill the loop’ at 10 a.m. Sept. 12.

That loop, it should be noted, enters Cincinnati’s city limits only briefly near Coney Island.

The group’s formation antedates an episode last weekend when a Trump-supporting caravan engaged in clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters in downtown Portland. A person was fatally shot in the vicinity of those clashes. That shooting remains under investigation.

Other, nonviolent Trump parades have also been held throughout the country in recent days.

Participants in the Cincinnati parade can include anyone who wants to drive on the interstate at that time, entering from any exit, driving either direction. They can turn on their flashers to indicate their participation, though conceivably they can also participate without doing so. Vehicle decorations are encouraged.

As of Sept. 1, nearly 3,000 Facebook accounts have said they will participate.

The point, according to the group, is to “encourage one another with our enthusiasm, our patriotism, and with our support for the Blue Line and President Trump.”

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