“Back the Blue” demonstrators want more understanding for law enforcement officers

Demonstrators hold signs, wave flags and march in support for law enforcement officers.
Demonstrators hold signs, wave flags and march in support for law enforcement officers.(Destinee Patterson)
Updated: Aug. 8, 2020 at 4:03 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - David Prunty’s brother, Timothy Prunty, was shot and killed in 2010. He was a Shreveport police officer.

David Prunty said he supports “Back the Blue” because he worries for officers’ safety.

Prunty was just one of about 50 people who marched from the Shreveport Memorial Auditorium to the police station in support of law enforcement officers.

“They get up everyday, put a badge on, they put a gun on and they say, ‘nothing’s going to hurt you tonight,‘” organizer Debra Livings Kelly said. “That’s their goal. It’s not to get up and say, ‘well, who can I hurt today?’”

However, many people have called for police reform across the U.S.

“Over the last couple months, we’ve seen a lot of people show their different perspectives on what’s important to them,” police chief Ben Raymond said. “This is a group that came together, and it was important enough to them to show their thanks and appreciation for law enforcement.”

“You have to see both sides,” Prunty said. “A lot of people don’t see that there’s always two sides. There’s not just one side. I believe in both sides. You have to do what’s right.”

Kelly said “Back to Blue” got more than 950 shares on social media.

“Even though we didn’t have the numbers here, we had people that had been messaging us from all over the world,” she said.

Kelly said she plans to host more “Back the Blue” events in the future.

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