Man’s skull fractured, hand broken in brutal attack

2 out-of-town contractors suspected of hitting him at least 7 times with a tire iron and punching him

Man’s skull fractured, hand broken in brutal attack
Texarkana, Texas, police are looking for Joshua Williams, age and address unavailable, in connection with a brutal attack that left a man with a fractured skull and a broken hand. The assault occurred the night of July 29 in the parking lot of Valero on Richmond Road. (Source: Texarkana, Texas, Police Department)

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) — Someone used a tire iron to fracture a man's skull and break one of his hands.

Texarkana, Texas, authorities think it was two out-of-town contractors, including one from Louisiana.

They believe one has gone back to Monroe. So police have asked the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office to serve a warrant on him.

And authorities are asking the public to help them find the other man, whom they think might still be staying at a Texarkana area hotel.

That man has been identified as Joshua Williams, age and address unavailable. He’s wanted on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The brutal assault occurred the night of July 29 in the parking lot of Valero on Richmond Road.

Williams and the other man, whose name has not been released, clearly were looking to pick a fight with anyone, says a post on the Police Department’s Facebook page.

“The victim they eventually chose wasn’t doing anything to them at all. He was just an easy target who was there trying to earn a little extra money by sweeping up the store’s parking lot.”

Surveillance video obtained by Detective Tabitha Smith showed the two men were hanging out in the convenience store parking lot and harassing customers for more than an hour, getting into arguments with several patrons and in a fight with one.

At one point, they chased the victim inside the store. They attacked him when he went back outside.

Williams held onto the victim’s shirt to keep him from running away while the other man pulled a tire tool out of his basketball shorts and hit the victim at least seven times, police say. Williams also punched the victim several times.

Authorities urge anyone who knows where Williams is to give them a call at (903) 798-3116.

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