YOUR MONEY: Top things to buy in August

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 5:14 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - With school beginning soon you might be shopping for all of your kids’ back to school essentials.

We know August is heavily geared towards back to school shopping but what else can you save money on than just pencils and backpacks?

Every month the shopping experts over at RetailMeNot do an analysis to find out which shopping categories offer the steepest savings.

“Think electronics. Think cameras. Think kids apparel, office supplies and outdoor gear - anywhere between 24 and 42 percent off,” said Shopping Expert Sara Skirboll. “With back to school not necessarily looking how we anticipate it has looked in the past, what I like to say is consider picking up some noise cancellation headphones for adults. So whether or not you’re working from home or trying to avoid your kids noise cancellation headphones are a good idea for August. You’re going to find deals at places like Apple and then also Best Buy.”

Something else to keep in mind are high-quality digital cameras.

Maybe you want to start taking more professional pictures of your family instead of using your smartphone.

Skirboll said cameras are up to 34 percent off this month. She explained RetailMeNot has seen companies like Canon offer up to 40 percent off on cameras, lenses, and printers.

Top things to buy in August (
Top things to buy in August (

As students head back to school parents may be trying to buy new clothes.

“The third category I want to remind people to look out for in August is kids apparel,” she said. “Upwards of 26 percent off so while you might be looking for fall essentials – don’t ignore the clearance items. This is when you’re going to find really deep discounts on spring and even summer is going to start getting discounted so think Nordstrom Rack is a great place to check out and even Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have lots of great gear for kids.”

Another category consumers may not expect to find a deal on right now is outdoor gear and equipment.

“At the end of the summer you’re going to see a lot of clearance items for camping gear, outdoor entertaining items, think outdoor couches, sofas, chairs, chaise lounges, things for the pool accessories for example. Upwards of 25 percent off. So again, Dicks Sporting Goods is a great place to look but so is Academy. So they’re a regional chain but they have an online store and in some instances I’ve seen discounts anywhere between 10 and 15 and even upwards of 25 percent off and then when you look at the clearance section you’re going to find those deals even deeper,” said Skirboll.

Also remember to take an extra couple of minutes to search for extra coupons, discount codes or free shipping offers.

Even free shipping is a big win when it comes to saving money.

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