Shreveport Aquarium to host shark week activities

Shreveport Aquarium to host shark week activities
Zenon the Zebra shark (Source: Shreveport Aquarium)

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The Shreveport Aquarium is set to host their annual week-long Shark Week event staring Sunday, August 9 through Sunday, August 16.

The event will coincide with Discovery Channel’s long-running Shark Week television special.

Serving as a home to several species of sharks, the aquarium will offer a plethora of shark-themed activities including shark pup feedings, games, shark dives and more!

Along with other activities, Zenon the Zebra Shark will be celebrating her third birthday by digging up clams hidden by a diver.

The aquarium says anyone that brings a birthday card for Zenon will get a free mini ice cream cone.

While there will be plenty of fun activities, the aquarium says their main goal is to spread knowledge about sharks and their ocean environment.

“While Shark Week is definitely our favorite week of the year and we have so many fun and engaging activities,” says General Manager Jason Coffel in a news release, “our main goal is to raise awareness of these magnificent and often misunderstood creatures to let people know how important they are in keeping our oceans healthy. We want to encourage the public to get involved in conservation.”

Signs will be on display sharing information about sharks and how big of a role they play in the ocean’s ecosystem.

In order to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations, the aquarium will be limiting tickets. The tickets must be purchased online and in advance of attending the shark week event.

Visitors will also be required to wear face coverings and will be encouraged to maintain social distancing while touring the aquarium.

For additional information, or to purchase tickets for the event, please visit the Shreveport Aquarium’s website.

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