WATCH: UFC fighter Mike Perry uses racial slurs, throws punches at Lubbock, Texas, restaurant

SUNRISE FL - APRIL 27: Alex Oliveira Vs Mike Perry during their welterweight bout at UFC Fight...
SUNRISE FL - APRIL 27: Alex Oliveira Vs Mike Perry during their welterweight bout at UFC Fight Night held at The BB&T Center on April 27, 2019 in Sunrise, Florida.(Source: mpi04/MediaPunch /IPX)
Updated: Jul. 9, 2020 at 3:42 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - An incident at a Lubbock restaurant involving a fighter with the UFC has been grabbing national attention.

UFC star Mike Perry was captured on camera arguing with customers and staff at Table 82 before throwing a punch at a man. A skirmish follows. A police report says three people were allegedly assaulted by Perry.

Warning: A video in this story contains explicit language that has been edited

The police report also states, when officers arrived at the restaurant, they noticed a victim lying on the ground unconscious and being tended to by the victim’s wife.

Another victim approached an officer and said Perry had been inside the restaurant causing a disturbance and had assaulted three people.

An officer went to speak with Perry, who said, “These people were putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.”

Perry later went on to explain that there was an argument between him and a victim and that a female stepped in between in and started “clawing” at him.

Perry told police he grabbed for the wrist of the female but he grabbed the victim’s wrist instead.

He told police the victim pushed his face so he retaliated by pushing the victim’s face.

Perry then said the second victim came to him and placed his hand on Perry’s shoulder so he “pushed his face back” aggressively and began telling everyone to not touch him.

Warning: This video contains explicit language that has been edited

Perry said to police he was trying to leave at that point when he was approached by the third victim.

Perry and the third victim had a verbal altercation.

Perry said the man pushed his way past people to get to him. Perry told police the man approached and grabbed his face and shirt, so Perry struck the third victim. The man fell to the ground.

Perry apparently thought that the first victim was saying things about Perry’s girlfriend and that was what started the incident, according to police.

A witness driving by said he had seen Perry strike the third victim and immediately called 911.

The officer was then approached by the first victim who said he was at his table with his girlfriend and they were talking. He told police he was approached by Perry and who asked him, “what other people are you talking about?” The victim told police to Perry he was not talking about anyone else and then told Perry that it was none of his business.

The victim told police Perry pushed the table towards him and then challenged him to a fight. The victim got up to leave and a woman got in between them to try and calm the situation down.

The victim told police Perry reached around the woman and slapped him in the face. The victim then walked out with a staff member who was trying to help separate everyone.

He said to the police he was near his car but could still hear Perry arguing with everyone. He said he heard Perry punch the third victim and heard the victim′s head hit the concrete.

The third victim was transported to the hospital by EMS and could not remember much of the incident.

Both Perry and the first victim refused any medical treatment.

No arrests were made.

Mike Perry is a current UFC fighter who just defeated Mickey Gall at UFC Fight Night in Austin. He has a record of 14-6-0.

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