More heat, but little relief is on its way

More heat, but little relief is on its way
Another heat advisory Wednesday

(KSLA) - The high temperature will continue all week, but the humidity will ever so slightly drop by the weekend. There could also be a few small brief showers to help too.

Tonight, it should be partly cloudy with no rain. So, we will start off our Wednesday on a cloudy, yet dry note. It will be very warm and muggy overnight. Temperatures will cool only to the upper 70s.

Wednesday will be hot, as expected. The silver lining is that it may not be AS hot. The humidity is expected to go down ever so slightly, which may help the “feels-like” temperature. So, at this point, I think we will take whatever we can get! There should still be no rain and more sunshine in the afternoon.

Thursday may have some relief in the afternoon. A couple showers will be possible for parts of the ArkLaTex. Rain chances are up to 20% now. It will not be a lot of rain, nor will it be very heavy. But any rain we see will help cool the temperature down. It will heat up to the mid to upper 90s, despite the possible showers.

Friday will go back to having more sunshine and hot temperatures. There may be some cloud cover at times, but still no rain. Temperatures may go back up a degree or two. So, you’ll need to continue being safe in the heat. Best way is to stay hydrated.

This weekend will be hot and sunny too. There should be a few more clouds around. I also cannot rule out a quick shower. If we are lucky enough to see some rain, that will help cool the temperature down some. Otherwise, temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 90s.

Have a great week, and stay cool!

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