Crews working to install new KSLA News 12 antenna

Crews working to install new KSLA News 12 antenna
KSLA Rescan (Source: KSLA)

(KSLA) - It's almost time to rescan!

If you're receiving KSLA's signal with an antenna you will need to rescan your television on Tuesday, June 30.

In preparation for the rescan, we are putting new equipment in place.

We are installing a new antenna on top of our 1,710 foot tall tower. The new antenna is going up the morning of Saturday, June 27, 2020.

Crews will remove an antenna that has been on the top of our tower since 1977. They will have to cut it in half and remove it in two parts.

Then it will be replaced with the new antenna. A helicopter will lift the equipment.


For more information on rescan day Tuesday, June 30, click here.

Remember, this is only for viewers who receive our station with a TV antenna:

This does not affect those of you who receive our station on cable or satellite.

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