Blooming corpse flower fills NSU campus with smelly stench

Blooming corpse flower fills NSU campus with smelly stench
Mr. Stinky (Source: Corbin Covher)

NATCHITOCHES, La. (KSLA) - An overwhelming smell spread across the Northwestern State University campus as the resident flower, Mr. Stinky, came into full bloom.

Mr. Stinky is a giant tropical plant that only blooms every seven or eight years.

Scientifically called amorphophallus titanium, or titan arum, Mr. Stinky is believed to be the largest flower in the world.

Colloquially called a corpse flower, when in bloom, Mr. Stinky’s smell resembles the aroma of rotting flesh or extremely ripe trash.

The great bloom began Friday afternoon, attracting intrigued members of the community as well as some eager flies.

The plant’s caretakers, professors Millard Mangrum, Corbin Covher and John Byrd, led the bloom watch party by going in-depth about Mr. Stinky’s unique characteristics.

Mr. Stinky has resided on the NSU campus since 2018, eventually growing a 10-foot tall canopy.

Wayne and Sally Halm visited Mr. Stinky.
Wayne and Sally Halm visited Mr. Stinky. (Source: NSU)

After only reaching full bloom at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, by mid-morning Mr. Stinky’s bloom began to fall away.

Professor Mangrum estimated that over 400 people came and visited Mr. Stinky while he was in full bloom.

“It’s been amazing. There have been people who stopped by that said this was on their bucket list,” Mangrum said in a news release.

Mangrum also said he is hopeful that Mr. Skinky’s second sprout will produce a bloom soon this year.

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