45 Days of Action-Shreveport is registering people to vote

The activist group says it wants to get at least 500 people on the voter rolls by July 15

Your Voice: Registering the community to vote

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — An activist group is helping ensure the community’s voice is heard by registering them to vote.

45 Days of Action-Shreveport is putting up booths in two locations every week in Shreveport, canvasing neighborhoods and will be registering people to vote at protests and rallies.

”It’s so important,” said Shelby Rodriguez, of 45 Days of Action-Shreveport. “I mean, in our last presidential election, about 49% to 50% of people voted. And of the people that voted, around 29% was in the black community.

“So we are just not getting the turnout we need. And if you don’t vote, you won’t get the changes that you want.”

Every Monday, the group will be at Real BBQ off Fairfield Avenue, and on Wednesdays, they will be at Orlandeaux’s Cafe off Monkhouse Drive in Shreveport from noon to 4 p.m.

Members of the organization also are handing out sample ballots and encouraging people to take the 2020 census.

Rogdriguez said since they began, they have registered more than 150 people.

“I am encouraging everyone to come and vote,” said Joyce Taylor Samuels, who was among several people who registered to vote Wednesday.

“Come out the house and vote. We can make a difference. I want everyone to come out and early vote. We can make a difference. Have to come together.”

45 Days of Action-Shreveport says it wants to register at least 500 people to vote by July 15.

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