1,000 Black Sons of Shreveport inspire young black men

"This is very profound to me because this is laying the foundation for the next generation"

1,000 Black Sons of Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The 1,000 Black Sons of Shreveport event was held at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds on Saturday, June 20. The theme, “Because we matter,” served as a foundation to teach young men how to become the best person than can.

One participant said it’s important for men to be present in the community because they play a pivotal vital in how a young man will ultimately develop.

“It starts at home and once we get control of our homes, we can take control of our communities and then you can see an overall a big difference in our cities and towns,” said Garrison Peters, Founder of Community First High School.

“This event sets the tone for a young man’s future,” said Quinton Aught. “I believe this is nothing but a foundation that is going to teach the young men of our future it’s time for us to step up; you matter.”

Shreveport City Councilwoman of District A Tabitha Taylor said it is encouraging to see positive events like this in our community.

1000 Black Sons of Shreveport 6pm

“It is imperative for black men to step up and know how much and how strong they are and they are the backbone of our society and even our families so I am just encouraged when I see events like this and they will always have my overwhelming support,” said Taylor.

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