Caddo Parish Commissioners holding news conference addressing new legislation

Caddo Parish Commissioners holding news conference addressing new legislation

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - Members of the Caddo Parish Commission will join together on Wednesday, June 17 to discuss new resolutions that plan to tackle social justice and racial discrimination.

At noon, Commissioners Lyndon B. Johnson, Steven Jackson, John Paul Young, Roy Burrell, Lynn D. Cawthorne, Stormy Gage-Watts and Kenneth Epperson Sr. will be addressing these resolutions outside Government Plaza in downtown Shreveport.

These commissioners cover districts two through seven and 12.

They’ve released a statement saying:

We’re taking a breath and standing in solidarity with the protestors throughout Caddo Parish and throughout the world. We’re done dying. We hear our citizens, and we want them to know that we see them. We have an obligation and are responding to our citizens’ present concerns through this conference with discussions of our comprehensive agenda and taking a knee in support of justice for all.
AT NOON: Seven Caddo Commissioners to speak at Government Plaza

They plan to address legislation dealing with various aspects of social justice and racial discrimination that include the following:

  • Resolution No. 41 of 2020 (Jackson) meant to reduce the burden of record expungement for job seekers
  • Resolution 43 of 2020 (Epperson) supporting the federal Justice in Policing Act of 2020
  • Resolution 44 of 2020 (Jackson) designating June 19th as Juneteenth Independence Day in Caddo annually
  • Resolution 45 of 2020 (Johnson & Gage-Watts) discouraging the use of chokeholds by local law enforcement agencies
  • Resolution 46 of 2020 (Gage-Watts) asking the state to adjust policy to clearly outlaw sexual contact between law enforcement and detainees
  • Resolution 47 of 2020 (Johnson & Gage-Watts) supporting the use of body cameras and dashboard cameras by local law enforcement agencies
  • Resolution 48 of 2020 (Epperson) supporting federal efforts towards the renaming of Military facilities named after Confederate army personnel
  • Resolution 49 of 2020 (Epperson) encouraging the renaming of Ft. Polk to be after a Louisiana Medal of Honor recipient from the Vietnam War era.

The commissioners will make comments as well as answer questions from the public.

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