“All Citizens” resolution aims to improve police relations

“All Citizens” resolution aims to improve police relations

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — Efforts to improve relations between police and the public will come in many forms.

In Shreveport, one includes a resolution the City Council approved this week that calls for everything from a sticker for police units to proposed changes to officer rules, regulations and training.

“To Serve and Protect All Citizens.”

That’s the phrase you soon could see on stickers on Shreveport police units.

Some deride the idea, saying a bumper sticker-like slogan won’t fix the city’s long-term, intractable problems .

Others see those very same words as a promise.

City Council members approved that resolution Tuesday by a vote of 5 to 2.

“If you dig down deep into Councilman Green’s legislation, it’s more than just a sticker,” said Grayson Boucher, one of the council members who voted for the measure. “It digs into some fundamental changes at the Police Department, working together, getting community involved.”

The resolution reads:

“The chief of police is also requested to review the rules and regulations of the department, including training instruction materials and manuals to ensure that the Police Department serves as guardians and protectors of all citizens and all communities in Shreveport.”

Many people we met support the resolution.

“All I can do is pray and hope that it do," said Gergetta White, of Shreveport. "You know, we need some changes where that is concerned. But, you know, I just hope for the best.”

The City Council’s action is a resolution and not a mandatory directive. Boucher described it as more like a suggested course of action.

“We are in such a situation in our city with distrust of our citizens with the Police Department, justified and unjustified. We need to do everything we can possible to try to make things better for our citizens.”

James Stevenson, another Shreveport resident, said the issues go far beyond the scope of policing.

“I just think that people, in general, have got to learn to be more sensitive and more compassionate and more loving and more considerate toward people, in general. We have developed into a culture of rudeness, and it impacts people, in general.”

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