Some Shreveport City Council members express concern over investigation into Tommie McGlothen Jr.’s death

Some Shreveport council members question whether police can police themselves

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — When Shreveport City Council members met virtually June 9, Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor and Councilman Jerry Bowman Jr. discussed the lack of details provided about the investigation into Tommie McGlothen Jr.'s death.

On June 8, KSLA Investigates revealed cellphone video of McGlothen’s last encounter with police.

KSLA Investigates reveals video of Tommie McGlothen’s last encounter with police

Four SPD officers are now on departmental leave, as both the department and state investigate possible criminal charges.

Some Shreveport council members concerned about how McGlothen investigation is being handled

Bowman asked fellow council members, Mayor Adrian Perkins and other officials whether the four officers are on departmental leave because the video was made public.

“It was initiated the day before and we will talk about this as the investigation is over," Perkins responded. “We said weeks ago because that video came out that we would release every single document available.”

Taylor spoke of how pivotal transparency and accountability are for this investigation and said police public trust is at stake.

On Wednesday, June 10, the McGlothen family and their lawyer addressed the public. They spoke about how they’re waiting to hear what exactly happened to their loved one.


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