Tommie McGlothen Jr.’s son speaks on his father’s death while allegedly in police custody

After two months, family still waiting for autopsy report and death certificate
Tommie McGlothen, Jr.
Tommie McGlothen, Jr.(Family members | Family)
Updated: Jun. 5, 2020 at 6:39 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - KSLA News 12 is digging deep into the investigation of two men who died while allegedly in police custody. We’ve requested documents in the cases of both Tommie McGlothen, Jr. and Wavey Austin.

On Friday, June 5, the Shreveport City Attorney’s office said they have received our request, but they are waiting for the information we asked to be provided to them from Shreveport Police. We were told our request hasn’t been met yet due to a backlog of requests because of COVID-19.

Tommie McGlothen, Jr., 44
Tommie McGlothen, Jr., 44(Tommie McGlothen, III)

Tommie McGlothen Jr.’s family wants answers.

On Thursday, June 4, at a protest demanding justice and a cry to end police brutality in the wake of the George Floyd case, Tommie McGlothen, III said it’s been a long month without his father.

“He was the best father I can ever ask for,” he added.

The elder McGlothen died in early April allegedly in police custody. The family wants to know what happened. Instead — they say they have been given several different stories.

“I actually called the officer, and he gave me some information but it is not what they are saying now.”

The younger McGlothen is trying to piece it all together. He wants to know how an alleged burglary report ended in his father’s death.

“It is definitely more they are not telling us I feel like they are giving us piece by piece,” he said when asked if he felt Shreveport Police were hiding anything.

Tommie McGlothen, Jr., 44
Tommie McGlothen, Jr., 44(Tommie McGlothen, III)

McGlothen, Jr. is one of two men who allegedly died while in Shreveport Police custody in April. The other man is Wavey Austin.

The case involving McGlothen hinges on a burglary report from an incident on Eileen Lane in Shreveport’s Lakeside neighborhood.

Eileen Lane
Eileen Lane(KSLA)

Family members were told McGlothen, Jr. got into an altercation with the homeowner at the scene of the burglary, . However, family members say when they went to the funeral home to view the body — they were horrified.

“First time seeing him after all this happened, his face was swollen like the side knots on his head. One of his eyes was closed. His face was really messed up.”

Now it’s been two months and still no death certificate or autopsy report.

“Everything is not adding up for me knowing who my dad was personally," Tommie McGlothen, III said. "I feel like it is taking so long because they are trying to cover their tracks up.”

'We the People’ will host a peaceful protest in Shreveport this weekend. The protest and march is called “Justice for Tommie”.

Organizers say they plan to honor the lives of Tommie McGlothen, Jr. and Wavey Austin as well as George Floyd and others nationally.

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