Hot temperatures as Cristobal heads our way

Hot temperatures as Cristobal heads our way
Hot, humid Friday

(KSLA) - Temperatures in the ArkLaTex will be feeling more like summertime. It will be warming up to the 90s with humidity. As we start next week, Cristobal will be impacting us.

Tonight, there will be a mixture of clouds. I do not expect any rain. We should start off our Friday on a dry note. Temperatures will be warm and muggy. It will cool to only the mid 70s.

Friday will have a good mixture of sun and clouds, but the rain chances will be low. I have them down to 20%. There may be a brief shower that pops up, but will otherwise remain dry. Temperatures will be even hotter and will reach the lower to mid 90s! Plus the humidity will make it feel worse! Stay cool!

Saturday should not be a bad day by any means. I do not expect any rain, but the temperatures will still reach the mid 90s, so it will be hot. If you are planning on being outside, I would recommend to stay hydrated. At the very least, our AC units will be running overtime!

Sunday will have a few small showers by the late afternoon and evening. This will be the start of Cristobal making its way to the ArkLaTex. Expect there to be some outflow from Cristobal sending some rain our way. So there will be some scattered activity, even after the sun sets. Rain chances for the day are at 20%, then will increase at night. Temperatures will be hot again reaching the mid 90s.

Cristobal is now a tropical depression. The winds have calmed down to 35 mph. This land interaction is good, because it has weakened the storm a bit. The storm will start to move to the north later today. By Friday night, it will be back over the Gulf of Mexcico. Landfall is still expected Sunday night somewhere along the Louisiana coast.

Monday could have a lot of heavy rain due to Cristobal. I have the rain chances up to 70% for now. There will likely be heavy rainfall for most of the day and for most of the ArkLaTex. Plan on there being rain early next week.

The key will be where Cristobal ends up. If the storm take a more easterly track, we should see less rain and impacts. But if the storm goes more west, there will be more rain and storms. Right now, the ArkLaTex is still in the cone of uncertainty.

Keep tuning back into KSLA for all the latest updates on any tropical weather. The entire First Alert Weather team will be watching Cristobal closely and will keep you up to date on any changes or impacts to the ArkLaTex.

Have a great rest of your week!

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