Baby ‘Juju’ recovering from bullet wound

Police seeking whoever fired that bullet and more than 4 dozen others into the infant’s house

"People got no heart around here; you shot an innocent child," Juju's aunt says

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) — As the search intensifies for the people responsible for shooting up a Shreveport home, the 10-month-old boy who was wounded in that hail of gunfire is expected to recover.

Relatives identify the infant as Dequanis Williams Jr., better known by family as Juju.

He suffered a gunshot wound by his left shoulder that went through and through, exiting the child’s body without hitting any major organs.

At last word, Juju was listed in good condition.

That shooting happened about 11:30 p.m. Monday as the infant slept in his home in the 2600 block of Westover Road.

10-month-old Juju hit by 1 of 50+ bullets fired into the sleeping infant's home

Family members said more than 50 bullets hit their home.

And police say it appears that multiple people opened fire on the house. It’s unclear whether they were in a car or standing on the street.

As Juju recovers, his aunt Shay Rasco fears her 18-year-old brother, Juju’s father, may have been the intended target.

Now she's sending a message to anyone with information about who shot up their house.

“To come say something, to tell us, let us know that you know something. If you know what’s going on, please say it. Please call somebody.”

Rasco then walked to a front window and pointed inside.

“This the room where the baby was. But I believe one of those bullets hit him because he was laying at the top of the bed.”

Rasco said Juju will not require surgery.

But she still can’t believe people would do something like this.

“People got no heart around here. You shot an innocent child. You don’t know who’s in the house. So why would you shoot up a house? You don’t know who’s in the house.”

Caddo sheriff wants Louisiana to define "felon in possession of a firearm" as a violent crime

Nine people were living in the dwelling at the time of the shooting and now will have to stay with other family members or friends for a while, Rasco said.

"It's because of the damage as well. And then also, it's because we are scared. You can't be safe in your own home; not even safe no more. Your own home not even safe."

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator recalled his initial reaction to hearing that the 10-month-old boy had been shot. “It just makes you sick that we live in a society where somebody thinks they can drive by and start shooting up a house full of people.”

Prator also worries that we’re not always focused on the most serious problems.

"We worry so much about wearing masks and being safe and being careful here. But then we disregard or won't don't really do anything about violent crime."

The sheriff supports Senate Bill 188, which is pending in the Louisiana legislative session in Baton Rouge. The proposal would define the charge of felon in possession of a firearm as a violent crime.

“And it’s going to increase the penalties where they have to serve 65% of their time they’re ordered to serve, instead of 35% of the time they’re ordered to serve.”

Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins asks citizens to keep everything in perspective.

“Crime is still at a five-year low, with the exception of last year, where there was a 45-year low. So we’re still on track to have a very, very safe year in this community.”

The mayor consistently has cited community policing as part of any long-term solutions to crime.

He also hopes the public remembers this rule: “At 9 p.m., make sure your car is locked, your house is locked. If you have any firearms, make sure they’re properly stored.”

And people should remember “if you see something, say something,” Perkins added, noting that it’s one effective way to curb crime.


Your sheriff says illegally possessed guns in the hands of convicted felons is at the heart of violent crime in Shreveport. In an effort to reduce violent crime that plagues the city, the sheriff urges legislators to support Louisiana Senate Bill 188.

Posted by Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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