TAPD: Nude man asks police to kill him, threatens officers

Nude man asks officers to kill him

TEXARKANA, Ar. (KSLA) - Police in Texarkana, Arkansas are working to determine why a man was asking officers to kill him on Saturday.

Around noon, officers were called to the 4800 block of Savanah Circle after neighbors reported a nude man outside harming himself.

The first officer on the scene tried to help the man. However, police say the man came at the officer in a threatening manner.

Officers fired four rounds of a chemical agent to subdue the man but it had no effect.

The man grabbed a screwdriver at some point and was wielding it as a weapon.

Police supervisors arrived on the scene and fired eight rounds of “less-lethal” bullets which also had no effect on him.

Eventually police were able to get the man under control and sent him to a Texarkana hospital for medical treatment for self-inflicted wounds and observation.

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