Businesses take steps to protect patrons during the first phase of Louisiana’s reopening

Businesses take steps to protect patrons during the first phase of Louisiana’s reopening
Shreveport barber Robert Crutchfield wraps up last-minute preps on the eve of Louisiana's Phase 1 reopening inside his barbershop on Hollywood Avenue. (Source: Scott Pace/KSLA)

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) — We know most of you are ready to get out.

And after crisscrossing the Shreveport-Bossier City area, we discovered shops and businesses of all kinds are ready for you.

The governor’s stay-at-home order expires Friday and Phase 1 of reopening the state gets underway.

On Thursday, we first traveled to East 70th Street in southeast Shreveport, to visit Kimberly Crane’s Get Polished Up, a nail salon where we got a look at the new air system for clients’ health and safety.

"It takes out air from in here and then they ventilate it and it goes outside and brings back in fresh air."

Crane showed us everything from the plastic-wrapped chairs, so they can be easily sprayed and cleaned, to the digital thermometer to check a client’s temperature.

We then headed to Pizza Rev on Line Avenue, where they're prepping for dine-in customers.

And according to training manager Lainey Presley, they’ve now made the necessary changes for the maximum 25% occupancy requirement.

“We’ve got to get all our tables out, set them out 6 feet apart, all that kind of stuff. This will be open, all the patio will be open, the bar will be open, everything. It’ll be good!”

Then across the Red River, we made our way to a consignment boutique on Airline Drive.

Folks at Uptown Cheapskate have been prepping for the big day Friday after the long wait to reopen.

Employee Zoe Ance told us they too must follow the 25% capacity rule, along with social distancing and other precautions related to COVID 19.

“We have like sanitizing stations set up at the front with Germ-X, Clorox wipes. With our buys, since we are a consignment store, that’s a big concern. So what we’re doing is just asking everyone to bring their clothes freshly laundered.”

One of our other stops of the day took us to Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport.

Crutchfield’s Barber Shop is where we met owner Robert Crutchfield as he was wrapping up some last-minute cleaning and prepping for Friday’s partial reopening.

“This would actually be a great moment for me to re-establish business and let my clients know that we’re back open at 25%. Not 100% but at a percentage that we can deal with clients one on one and, you know, make sure that everyone is OK before we start.”

Those limits mean the barbershop will only be able to have one client inside at a time.

Crutchfield told us that’s fine for him right now as he focuses on his No. 1 priority.

“Right now is just to make sure this place is sterile and clean!” he says with a laugh. “Just to make sure everyone’s comfortable when they come in.”

Crutchfield even showed his own personal protective equipment, the much-talked about PPE, that's ready to go.

Across the Red River and a bit north will take you to Benton and the popular, Christian-themed workout center appropriately named ChristFit Gym.

Makenzie Chaffin and Jake Maranto said they're expecting lots of people turning out starting Friday.

And Makenzie explained what makes this place special to her and others.

“ChristFit Gym’s all about, you know, working out, serving the Lord. And we’re just excited to get people in here and, Christian or not Christian, you’re welcome here. And we’re just excited to meet a bunch of new people.”

Both Makenzie and Jake said ChristFit is serious and committed about keeping this place clean.

And she said they've done a whole lot of cleaning in recent days.

“We have the wipes to wipe down all the equipment every time after you use it. And we’re going to be doing a lot of outside work to try to keep people from being cooped up indoors and get outside and the fresh air; the germ-free fresh air.”

If all goes according to plan, Phase 1 of Louisiana's reopening will last 21 days, until June 5.

But for right now, everyone we met is just taking this process one day at a time.

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